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Gentlemen Never Tell 3

The Night of the Unexpected Assignation Belladonna Triste 5 pages
Escape From Limbo Taliesin 5 pages
The Night of the Magic Touch Mary L. Millard 6 pages
How the West Turned East Natasha Barry 20 pages
Turning the Tables** Taliesin 10 pages
The Night of the Light Mary L. Millard 11 pages
The Night of Monsters Jane Mailander 17 pages
A Room for the Night** Taliesin 28 pages
The Nights of Yellow Jack** P.R. Zed 16 pages
Look, But Don't Touch Natasha Barry 12 pages
The Night of the Mesmerizing Kiss Theresa Kyle 13 pages
The Night of the Piper Linda White 20 pages
Never Love a Stranger Taliesin 22 pages
** this story available online

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