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NOTE: None of my zines contain stories which are online at the time the zines are published. Authors submitting to my zines make a tacit agreement not to post their stories online for a year following the publication of the zine, after which they are free to post or reprint these stories wherever they choose.

None of my zines contain, at the time of their publication, more than two stories which have been previously published in another zine or online. Naturally, due to the above agreement with authors, many stories from my zines will end up online after the year is up.

Following are links to all the stories from my zines (that I'm aware of) which are currently available online. If anyone has found other stories from Relative Secrecy and Gentlemen Never Tell zines online, I would be interested to know where. Please contact me with links where possible.

Relative Secrecy Gentlemen Never Tell
Relative Secrecy 1

--To Live in Interesting Times - Taliesin
--The Baltic Affair - P. R. Zed

Gentlemen Never Tell 1

--Far From the Madding Crowd - Taliesin
--Make His Face to Shine Upon Thee - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 2

--After Querido - Linda White
--The Fusion Affair - Dorinda
--The See Lubyanka & Die Affair - P. R. Zed
--Sufficient Unto the Day - Taliesin
--The Ties That Bind - Taliesin

Gentlemen Never Tell 2

--The Night of the Talented Thespian - P. R. Zed
--A Fearful Thing - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 3

--Finders Keepers - Taliesin

Gentlemen Never Tell 3

--The Nights of Yellowjack - P. R. Zed
--Turning the Tables - Taliesin
--A Room for the Night - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 4

--One More for the Road - Nyssa
--Services Rendered - Nyssa
--The Virus Affair - P. R. Zed
--Acts of Sabotage - Blondie
--Each Our Own Devil - Taliesin

Gentlemen Never Tell 4

--The Terrible Doubt of Appearances - P. R. Zed
--Coupling - Taliesin
--The Shadow of a Soul - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 5

--The Enemy Within Affair - P. R. Zed
--The Naked Truth - Blondie
--Standard Procedure - Nyssa
--The Revelation Revolution - Nickovetch
--Experiment in Vivo - Nickovetch
--The Wilding Affair - Kei
--The Wilding Affair 2: Blood Reign - Kei

Gentlemen Never Tell 5

--Words, Words, Words - P. R. Zed
--Just a Kiss - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 6

--Let Nothing You Dismay - P. R. Zed
--A Dish Best Served Cold - Nickovetch
--Transitions - Nataliya
--The Question About Megalomaniacs Affair - Tauna
--The Innuendo Affair - Graculus

Gentlemen Never Tell 6

--The Night of the Fenian Folly - P. R. Zed
--The Night of Recompense - Graculus
--Qui Mal Y Pense - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 7

--Tintinnabulation - Nickovetch
--Small Distances - Lee the T
--The Brains vs Beauty Affair - Tauna
--The Two Birds With One Stone Affair - Graculus

Gentlemen Never Tell 7

--The Night of Equilibrity - Graculus
--The Night of Opium Den - P.R. Zed
--When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 8

--The Midsummer's Eve Affair - P. R. Zed
--The Mid-Life Crisis Affair - Graculus

Gentlemen Never Tell 8

--How Jim West Was Won - Taliesin

Relative Secrecy 9

--The Times They Are A-Changing - Susan Legge

Links to more online fiction:

The File Forty website has an archive of wonderful slash and gen U.N.C.L.E. stories by these authors and many more.
And the Chrome and Gunmetal Madhouse is another source for U.N.C.L.E. fiction.

The new Wild Wild West slash site is growing daily, and well worth checking out.
As is Just Black Chaps' Wild Wild West site

And my own fan fiction at Taliesin's Reach

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