Relative Secrecy & Gentlemen Never Tell Shirts & Stuff

Thanks to a nifty little online store, I'm now able to offer some Relative Secrecy & Gentlemen Never Tell merchandise (sheesh, how that sounds...). Rune, the artist whose wonderful work graces the covers of my zines, is offering shirts, mugs, etc with that same cover artwork on them (and also sweet and subtle logos for gen and slash fans alike). This page gives links to the CafePress store sites where these items may be ordered. All proceeds over and above what CafePress charges for their services will go to Rune.

If you're leery of using your credit card on the internet, I will take orders for these items via mail (check or money order) or Paypal. DO NOT use the order form on the Cafepress site if you don't want to use your credit card to order through them. Email me with a complete list of the items you'd like to order (item type, size, image desired, your shipping address, etc) and we'll figure out shipping charges and arrange for payment before I place the order for you.

Don't want to walk around with the words "Relative Secrecy" or "Gentlemen Never Tell" on your chest? I'm also able to offer any of the designs below WITHOUT lettering. Email me and let me know what design you're interested in, and I'll get you one without the words.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. Designs*
[rs1 cover]
Relative Secrecy 1
[rs2 cover]
Relative Secrecy 2
[rs3 cover]
Relative Secrecy 3
[rs4 cover]
Relative Secrecy 4
[rs5 cover]
Relative Secrecy 5
[rs6 cover]
Relative Secrecy 6
[rs7 cover]
Relative Secrecy 7
[rs8 cover]
Relative Secrecy 8
[rs9 cover]
Relative Secrecy 9
[rs2 grayscale]
RS2 Grayscale
[MFU logo] A Man from UNCLE logo suitably altered to display our love for the series, printed pocket-sized.

Wild Wild West Designs*
[gnt1 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 1
[gnt2 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 2
[gnt3 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 3
[gnt4 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 4
[gnt5 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 5
[gnt6 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 6
[gnt7 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 7
[gnt8 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 8
[gnt9 cover]
Gentlemen Never Tell 9
[train logo] A Wild Wild West train logo created to display our love for the series, printed pocket-sized.
[train logo] This larger version in blue is printed full-size in the middle of a shirt

*Some of the above thumbnails are a little dodgy -- if in doubt about how something will look, rely either on the pictures provided by Cafepress, or the larger images on either the Relative Secrecy zines page or the Gentlemen Never Tell zines page.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or preferences not covered (such as left-handed mugs). I can arrange personalized stores to meet your preferences in combinations of logos (for example, a small MFU logo can be placed on the back -- between the shoulder blades -- of any shirt). Also, please keep me informed if you have any problems with CafePress. I am, of course, unable to guarantee their merchandise (they offer a 30 day guarantee), but I'd like to know if anyone has any problems.

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