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Relative Secrecy 4

Pirates Kate Drummond 8 pages
The Private Negotiations Affair Karin Porter 11 pages
Teacher's Pet Clare Chew 20 pages
One More For The Road** Nyssa 3 pages
Love Is A Battlefield Gilrain 37 pages
Family Ties Bethany Kent 7 pages
The Virus Affair** P.R. Zed 15 pages
The Getting to the Bottom of It Affair Karin Porter 18 pages
Services Rendered** Nyssa 6 pages
Magic Theresa Kyle 69 pages
Aftermath Deb 6 pages
Lonesome Road Kate Drummond 23 pages
Acts of Sabotage** Blondie 17 pages
The Dangerous Man Affair Linda White 8 pages
Each Our Own Devil** Taliesin 35 pages
** this story available online

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