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Relative Secrecy 3

Discovery in an Alley Deb 3 pages
A Friend in Need Affair Sarah Lindsay 16 pages
The Costa Rica Affair Paloma Manchada 28 pages
Hidden Talents Jennifer Lon 3 pages
Standing Stones Kate Drummond 42 pages
The Mediterranean Affair Karin Porter 6 pages
Haunted Soul Jennifer Lon 6 pages
The Rock and a Hard Place Affair Clare Chew 29 pages
Cupid's Bow Blondie 8 pages
The Russian Affair Karin Porter 7 pages
The Dimensional Shift Affair Linda White 70 pages
The Das Vadanya Affair P.R. Zed 14 pages
Lovers and Other Strangers P.R. Zed 5 pages
Interim Elizabeth Cochrane 2 pages
Finders Keepers** Taliesin 31 pages
** this story available online

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