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Relative Secrecy 2

Prelude Theresa Kyle 5 pages
The Act of Duress Affair Sarah Lindsay 7 pages
The London Affair Paloma Manchada 23 pages
The Broken Man Affair Linda White 10 pages
Cold Comfort Jennifer Lon 3 pages
The See Lubyanka and Die Affair** P.R. Zed 23 pages
After Querido** Linda White 3 pages
Confessions Deb 10 pages
Sufficient Unto the Day** Taliesin 4 pages
The Truth is Stranger than Fiction Affair Linda White 12 pages
Falls the Shadow Elizabeth Cochrane 8 pages
The Fusion Affair** Dorinda 10 pages
Torment Jane Terry 4 pages
The Ties That Bind** Taliesin 25 pages
** this story available online

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