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Relative Secrecy 1

The Over-Night Sleep-Out Affair Paloma Manchada 3 pages
A Satisfying Affair Mary L. Millard 15 pages
The Sleepless Nights Affair Linda White 9 pages
The Paternal Instinct Taliesin 5 pages
Illya Kuryakin - A Portrait Non-Fiction 4 pages
Napoleon Solo - A Portrait Non-Fiction 5 pages
The Hard Day's Night Affair Linda White 10 pages
The You Chased Me 'Til I Caught You Affair Paloma Manchada 30 pages
Better Late Theresa Kyle 21 pages
The Royal Prerogative Taliesin 1 page
The Party Time Affair Linda White 22 pages
The Baltic Affair** P.R. Zed 14 pages
Silken Cords Kate McChesney 4 pages
Initiation to Innocence Jane Terry & Psmythe 22 pages
To Live in Interesting Times** Taliesin 23 pages
** this story available online

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